Motor pump start and control system


Control and protection of motor pumps in power engineering, chemical, steelmaking, petrochemical and other industries.



- power capacity of the connected pump 0.37…200 kW;

- protection of pumps by controlling the process parameters (pressure, flow, temperature, level, vibration, etc.);

- various options for start-up/shut-down of motor pumps: direct start, star-delta, soft starter and frequency inverters manufactured by Schneider Electric, ABB, Fuji Electric, Danffos;

- the option to adjust the electric motor rpm and change process parameters when used with frequency inverters;

- floor- or wall-mounted steel body with protection level IP54 or higher;

- intrinsic safety barriers for operation in facilities with fire and explosion hazards;

- depending on the Customer’s requirements, the control system can be executed in various versions: from the least complex relay version to systems assembled on the basis of industrial controllers with displays, keyboard, interface, RS-485 for connection to the Customer’s “upper level” system by the Modbus RTU protocol;;

- use of sensors, warning devices, actuator mechanism and other electronic equipment from leading international manufacturers;;

- user-friendly human-machine interface;

- warranty servicing, providing the Customer with all the necessary information on circuit designs, structure and software.

Manufactured acc. to SPK.301443.000TU.


Versatile and easy to adjust

The multipurpose start-up and control system is designed to control and protect motor pumps. This system is suitable for most applications involving pressure-increase pumps and self-priming pumps.

Features of multi-purpose SPK panels:

- the option to choose the control algorithm – pressure increase or self-priming pump (pressure sensors at pump inlet and outlet are mandatory);

- the option of automatic start-up/shut-down of the pump in accordance with the signals sent by discrete level sensors;

- connection of up to two analog pressure sensors at pump inlet and/or outlet;

- the option to adjust the pressure sensors’ ranges and pumped liquid density;

- connection of up to three discrete sensors (pump priming, maximum and/or minimum level in the pumpout/discharge vessel);

- connection of up to three external interlock discrete signals with an option to choose the contact type NO/NC;

- two discrete output signals of the “dry contact” type to indicate operation and emergency of the motor pump;

- pump control from the SPK panel or by remote control;

- the option to connect to the Customer’s industrial control system by the RS-485 Modbus RTU protocol;

multi-level access to the settings (operator/industrial control systems engineer);

two versions for general purpose industrial and explosion-proof facilities.