Start protection units for motor pumps

Scope of Application:

Power engineering, chemical, steel, petrochemical and other industries for start-up, shut-down and protection of three-phase electric motors of pumps and other equipment from inadmissible working conditions to prolong their service life.


Design Features:

- 7 types of start protection units (BPZ) according to the electric capacity of the connected equipment;

- microprocessor-based control;

- an option of remote start-up/shut-down from remote control (optional);

- remote alarm modes “operation”/”emergency”;

- power switching element – starter;

- in-built automatic switch protecting the electric motors from short circuit;

- strong steel body with IP54 protection from dust and water;

- optional BPZ version with an explosion-proof platform during shipping.


Start protection unit has the following functions:

- start-up and shut-down of the motor pump directly from the BPZ or external remote control;

- LED indication of start-up and operation modes;

- automatic adjustment to the equipment’s nominal power in the calibration mode;

- automatic disconnection of the unit from the mains in case of loss of phase;

- automatic disconnection of the unit from the mains in case of overreaching the designated power range (protection from dry run and overload).


Manufactured in compliance with TDFA.061500.000TU;

Complies with the Customs Union’s Technical Regulations TR TS 004, 020.







Type Motor Pump Power Capacity, kW Operating Current, А, max Tripping Range from Nominal Mode Current, % Size, mm
BPZ-10 3,4 9,5 ±7 300*340*248
BPZ-16 5,5 15 ±12,5
BPZ-25 7,5; 11 23,5
BPZ-40 15; 18,5 38
BPZ-63 22; 30 60 ±20 380*655*248
BPZ-100 37; 45 95
BPZ-160 55; 75 152