Valves and fittings for nuclear power stations

A special series of valves and fittings designed for nuclear power station applications (safety class 4, 2nd quality assurance category).
This series includes KShH chemical ball valves, ZPH chemical check valves, KOH chemical check valves.
The valves and fittings are manufactured in accordance with the specifications agreed with JSC “Atomproekt”.



  • ining of liquid end parts with chemically resistant plastic polymers (lining thickness 4…5 mm) or made of corrosion-resistant steels and alloys;
  • valve leak-proof capacity equivalent to class A acc. to GOST R 54808-2011;
  • flanges acc. to GOST 12815, versions 1, 2, 8; or acc. to GOST R 54432-2011, versions B, E, L;
  • volume content of solid mechanic inclusions (up to 0.2 mm) in the pumped medium up to 0.5%;
  • fitted with various types of actuators designed for nuclear industry applications;
  • two-position and adjustable-speed actuators;
  • comply with TDFA.306171.000TU, TDFA.305365.000TU, TDFA.302671.000TU;
  • comply with the Customs Union Technical Regulations TR TS 010, 032.
  • соответствует ТР ТС 010, 032.



  • Armlen PPGF;
  • PVDF Solef;
  • Teflon PFA;
  • Fluoropolymer-4 (PTFE).


Valve Type Diameter Nominal Pressure Nominal, kgf/cm2 Working Temperature, °С
KSH 15-100 16, 25 -40...+140
KOH 15-150 6, 10, 16 -40...+140
ZPH 40-400 10, 16 -40...+160