Industrial water treatment equipment

Hydrogas JSC - is one of the leading designer and manufacturer of industrial water treatment systems. Our company offers a wide range of services for uninterrupted and ecologically clean water supply for power engineering, industrial and municipal engineering water supply systems. Technological systems and units designed by our company utilize state-of-the-art technologies of purification, desalinization and separation of liquids using baromembrane (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis) and electromembrane (electrodeionization) technologies.


The scope of activities of the company includes:

  • manufacturing and supply of equipment;
  • installation, commissioning and personnel training (issuing required turnover documentation in accordance with the Federal regulatory documents);
  • warranty services and technical support;
  • consultations;
  • designing;
  • upgrading and reconstruction of existing water treatment systems.


Completed projects:
Closed JSC “Metanol I Azotnye Processy”, OJSC “Angstrem”, LLC “SK Feliks”, OJSC Corporation NPO “RIF”, OJSC “Kvadra”, OJSC “VZPP-S”, LLC “NOVATEK-YURKHAROVNEFTEGAZ”, Novomoskovsk Thermal Power Station, OJSC “NLMK”, Gubkin Thermal Power Station, JSC “Electrovipryamitel”, OJSC “Gruppa E4”, OJSC “Arktikgaz”, Izhevsk Thermal Power Station 1, etc.


Technological processes:

  • water decontamination, clarification, deferrization;
  • desalinization and disinfection;
  • softening and desalting;
  • reclamation of water solutions;
  • treatment of industrial and technological waste water;
  • generating potable quality water;
  • dechlorination and degassing;
  • generating high-resistivity (up to 18MOhm/cm) water for microelectronics.


The company’s profile:

  • dozens of completed projects;
  • availability of in-house production facilities and engineering capacities of the plant;
  • we manufacture a significant share of the parts used in production;
  • all equipment is fully automated;
  • customized approach to each project;
  • developed dealership network in the major Russian regions;
  • company’s staff includes over 700 personnel;
  • long-term follow-up support of each project;
  • production in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management system;
  • Rostekhnadzor certificates of compliance and permits;
  • post-warranty service;
  • certificate permitting installation and commissioning at construction sites, hazardous and technically complex construction sites No. 619.02-2013-3661015428-С-130 of March 24, 2014;
  • certified central plant laboratory (certificate No. 64A040403);
  • complies with the Customs Union Technical Regulations TR TS 004, 010, 020.