Modification of pumping equipment

In order to meet the growing customer demands our team has been doing their best since was founded in 1996. Introducing new modifications to the domestic market every year, a broad wealth of experience in designing unique pumping equipment has been gained, and a large number of complex technical challenges have been solved.
Below are some of the most common modifications of chemical and petrochemical pumps.



Company «Hydrogas» manufactures hermetic pumps which can be operated at high inlet pressure (up to 63 atm.), ambient temperature from -60 to +50°C and pumped medium temperature up to +250°C.
The pumps have an in-built cyclone separator, which prevents the solid inclusions from getting in the bushings. The pumps can be installed in oil trunk pipelines and other technological positions.



The main direction of modern pump engineering development defined by the needs of the petrochemical industry and nuclear power engineering is perfect compliance with existing technical and safety regulations, unification of equipment, nonstandard H-Q characteristics, operation in explosive areas and seismic resistance.
Equipping the standard pump with a V-belt drive gives the following advantages:

  • head increase by 80% and flow increase by 30% over the nominal value;
  • frame (base) dimensions remain the same;
  • no need for pump or motor axles centering, which guarantees easy maintenance and repairs;
  • damping the impact of start-up torque on the rotor during direct start-up of the motor;
  • no dangerous consequences to the maintenance personnel and no loss of the power transmission capacity in case of the disintegration of any of the belts;
  • easy alteration of the pump characteristics by changing the motor rpm (replacing the band wheel);
  • all necessary adjustments (including belt tension) can be done at the site of mounting;
  • belts by the best manufacturers guarantee continuous performance throughout the pump’s life cycle.



Due to technological specifics oil-processing companies often have to deal with high-temperature petroleum products (+250...400°С). The companies usually use expensive oil pumps with double face seals and a complex liquid-cooling system.
However, a more reasonable alternative would be to use hermetic pumps with magnetic couplings with an original design of thermobarriers including ceramic parts, extra ribbing, forced convection, etc.
Temperature stabilized SmCo magnets guarantee reliable work of magnetic couplings throughout the entire life cycle of the pump.



  • rotor speed regulation;
  • heating (cooling) of the liquid end parts;
  • excellent anti-cavitation properties due to the use of inducer, etc.