Slurry pumps


  • barrel parts and liquid end units of the AHV pumps are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene;
  • acceptable concentration of abrasive inclusions (up to 10 mm) in the pumped media is 10%;
  • density of pumped media up to 1,850 kg/m3;
  • working temperature from - 40° to +80°С;
  • shell parts and liquid end blocks of the AHV pumps are made of 35ХМЛ steel (C 0.35% max, Cr, Mo) and 06XH28MДT alloy (C 0.06%, Cr, Ni 28%, Mo, Cu, Ti);
  • suitable for hazardous facilities, handling chemically active slurry-rich substances.


Today the AHV slurry pumps are used to pump:

  • heavily contaminated solutions and water;
  • chemical products with high suspension content: slurry, emulsions, etc.
  • mixtures in pulp and paper and tobacco industries, etc.



  • double gland seal;
  • single mechanical seal (with auxiliary seal);
  • double mechanical seal.






Today is one of the few companies that can offer pumping equipment capable of resisting exposure to aggressive media and abrasive wear. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW) used to achieve this is different from the regular varieties in that its molecule contains hundreds of thousands of strands while the molecular weight can be as high as a few millions. Depending on the scope of application and PE-UHMW treatment techniques, different kinds of this polymer with varying molecular weight, particle size and supermolecular structure are needed. This is a structural polymeric material that can substitute steel, bronze as well as high-cost polymers such as fluoropolymer. The ultra-high molecular weight of the polymer defines its unique physical and mechanical properties: high wear resistance and toughness, increased rigidity, low friction loss. PE-UHMW can resist exposure to acids, alkali, salt solutions, decontamination agents, aggressive gases, sea water, solar radiation, cyclic temperature changes, and is characterized by very low water absorption. Retains its performance characteristics in the temperature range up to +80°C. PE-UHMW –based compounds, such as ceramic and glass beads, etc, display even more attractive properties. Polymers of this series can be widely used in mining and chemical industries, car manufacturing, engineering as well as in the military-industrial complex.


Type of pump Flow m³/h Head, m Motor speed, rpm
AHV 25/50 25 50 2950
AHV 50/32 50 32 1450
AHV 50/40 50 40 2950
AHV 50/55 50 55 2950
AHV 100/32 100 32 1450
AHV 110/40 110 40 1450