AE Series wet gas scrubbing units (scrubbers).
Scrubbers are used for fine gas cleaning with water or other liquid. The removed components can be solid particles (dust), liquids (droplets) or gases.
The unit contains contact elements (swirl vane, plate, packing) where the purified gases interacts with the liquid. Spraying is performed with the nozzle inserted in the primary gas chamber. The primary gas chamber is separated from the scrubbed gas chamber with a knock out grid. The slurry solution is transferred from the scrubber through the hydraulic seal for regeneration.
Centrifugal scrubbers efficiency can reach over 95% for 5-30 µm particles and 85-90% for 2-5 µm. They are also characterized by low friction loss and straightforward design ensuring easy maintenance.



- carbon steels;

- 12X18H10T type steel (C 0.12%, Cr 18%, Ni 10%, Ti up to 1.5%);

- other materials can be used if suggested by the Customer.