Pipeline units

Design features and scope of application:

  • fitting the equipment to process pipelines;
  • solutions to non-standard tasks of joining (mixing) and divergence of flows;
  • power engineering, chemical, petrochemical, and other industries;
  • compliance with the requirements of Russia’s Rostekhnadzor, industrial standards and technical regulations;
  • nominal pressure and inside diameter acc. to GOST 12815;
  • manufactured according to the Customer’s documents of designed by engineering center;
  • * pipeline parts manufactured acc. to GKTB.302630.000TU.



  • carbon steels;
  • 12X18H10T type steel (C 0.12%, Cr 18%, Ni 10%, Ti up to 1.5%);
  • 10X17H13M2T type steel (C 0.10%, Cr 17%, Ni 13%, Mo 2%, Ti up to 1.5%);
  • 06XH28MДT alloy (C 0.06%, Cr, Ni 28%, Mo, Cu, Ti);
  • other materials can be used if suggested by the Customer.