Plants for chemical and petrochemical industries

“HYDROGAS” has gained experience in designing and production of complex technological lines of pilot plants for chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industries. The plants are designed for developing technological modes in the production of synthetic materials, such as rubbers, develop test series and low-volume production.

According to project requirements and working norms and regulations "Hydrogas" company::

  • prepares technical documentation;
  • selects parts, and manufactures special-purpose pumps, capacitive equipment, valves and fittings;
  • assembles equipment and piping in units with unified dimensions;
  • assembles field instrumentation units and electric connections;
  • installs industrial control systems and power cabinets;
  • performs the whole range of required tests of equipment and systems;
  • provides delivery and logistical services;
  • executes installation and commissioning.


Today “Hydrogas” has design and production facilities that allow for solving tasks involving calculation, modeling, designing and manufacturing ready-to-use plants, as well as subsequent technical support and guarantee servicing. The company provides the quality of the abovementioned plants on par with best Russian and international manufacturers.

"Hydrogas" company is looking forward to cooperating with research centers and project companies to act as an associate contractor and manufacturer of certain units and facilities.

Customer-focused approach, finding the most efficient project implementation strategies, contemporary project management methods and advanced production practice allow our customers to reduce expenses and save time.

All our equipment is integrated into functional technological modules that consist of unified units which allows them to be transported and assembled separately.