Tanks with mechanical mixers


Features and applications:

  • used for technological processes in reactors, polymerizers and mixers in chemical and petrochemical industries;
  • size, mixer type, material, shaft seal type, etc. in accordance with Customer’s requirements and operation specifics;
  • conformity with Federal Norms and Regulations “Rules of industrial safety in hazardous facilities using overpressure equipment” PB 03-584-03, GOST 20680-2002, GOST R 52630-2006;
  • equipped with heating (cooling) jackets;
  • a wide range of mixer types: blade, turbine, propeller mixers, including those fitted with scrapers;
  • manufactured in compliance with TDFA.061500.000TU;
  • comply with the Customs Union’s Technical Regulations TR TS 010, 032;
  • certificates for design and manufacturing nuclear power plant equipment.


Designed with different shaft seal types, which allows high reliability when handling aggressive, toxic, explosive and combustible media. The following shaft seal types are available: gland seal, single mechanical seal, double “Tandem” mechanical seal, double “back-to-back” mechanical seal, hermetic seals.



  • carbon steels;
  • 12X18H10T type steel (C 0.12%, Cr 18%, Ni 10%, Ti up to 1.5%);
  • 10X17H13M2T type steel (C 0.10%, Cr 17%, Ni 13%, Mo 2%, Ti up to 1.5%);
  • 06XH28MДT alloy (C 0.06%, Cr, Ni 28%, Mo, Cu, Ti);
  • other materials can be used if suggested by the Customer.



Nominal Flow, m3 (up to) 10
Working Pressure, kgf/cm2 (no more than) 63
Working Temperature, °С -70...+350
Dynamic Viscosity, Pa·s, up to 500
Density, kg/m3, up to 2000
Shaft Speed, RPM 5...1500