NVD series semi-submersible vertical motor pumps


  • recommended for updating items associated with pumps NV, NV-E, 12 NA9x4, etc;
  • principal application is handling impure water and petroleum products (and mixtures thereof) with viscosity up to 100 cSt from underground drainage vessels;
  • volume content of solid inclusions in handled media up to 3%, size up to 10 mm;
  • working temperature: –60° to +80°С;
  • immersion depth up to 9 m;
  • no need for maintenance and control, including additional protective automation;
  • stationed outdoors without sheds (climatic version CT1);
  • fitted with explosion-proof motor;
  • immersible part and liquid end materials – 35ХМЛ (C 0.35% max, Cr, Mo) and 09Г2С (C 0.9%, Mn up to 2%, Si);
  • two end face mechanical seals with an intermediate chamber filled with barrier fluid;
  • control device detecting barrier fluid leakage from the chamber between the mechanical seals;
  • leak-proof “dry” column with ball-bearing supports filled with lubrication;
  • manufactured in accordance with TDFA.062621.100.TU specifications;
  • compliant to the Customs Union Technical Regulations TR TS 004, 010, 012.


Type Marking ISO Flow m³/h Head, m
NVD 50/50 80-50-200 50 50
NVD 50/80 80-50-250 50 80


Innovative solutions and original design of the NVD semi-submersible pump are protected by the RF Patent.

included in the JSC TRANSNEFT Technical Specifications and Infrastructure Upgrade Project.











  • 35ХМЛ steel (C 0.35% max, Cr, Mo);
  • 09Г2С steel (C 0.9%, Mn up to 2%, Si).


Overall and coupling
dimensions of the baseplate
according to GOST 12815
DN 600…1,000 mm, standard
PN 0.6 MPa, custom versions
PN up to 1.6 MPA, sealing
surfaces versions 1-5.